A family gathering: Audcent, Peat and Newton
12th September 1981 - held at Scout Hut, Cheddar, Somerset

Audcent, Newton & Peat family group - 12 Sep 1981

Present in photograph (size 800x528 pixels) are:

Standing in rear row, left to right: Paul J Audcent, Christine Audcent nee Reid (wife of Paul), Anthony E Audcent, Valerie Audcent nee King (wife of Anthony), Jeannine L Audcent, Janet A Newton, Steven P Newman , Christine Audcent nee Keeling (wife of David), David B Audcent, John Hazell, Margaret Hazell nee Newton (wife of John), Peter Newman, Carol Newman nee Newton (wife of Peter).

Seated in third row from front: Dorothy G Newton nee Peat, Sylvia C Audcent nee Peat (wife of Jacques), Muriel F Peat, Jacques L A Audcent, Evelyn A Peat, Edward Henry Peat.

Kneeling in Second row from front:  Kevin J Hazell, Robert Newman, Justin D Audcent (son of David), Elizabeth L Audcent - Geoffrey D Audcent - Katherine A Audcent (3 children of Anthony), Jonathan M Audcent (2nd son of David).  

Sitting in front row: Caron Hazell, Julie A L Audcent - Simon M Audcent (2 children of Paul), Martin R Audcent - Alexa C Audcent (3rd & 4th children of David).

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