The christening of Eliose Anne Voice
7th September 1997 - St Mary's, East Brent, Somerset

Eli Voice's christening

Present in photograph (size 800x444 pixels) are:

Standing left to right: David B Audcent, Christine J Audcent (nee Keeling), Paul J Audcent, Sylvia C Audcent (nee Peat),  Samuel Mark Hanlon, M 'Dympna' Audcent (nee Corley), Eliose Anne Voice, Anthony E Audcent, in front Andrew Thomas Audcent, at rear Mark Voice, Elizabeth Louise Voice (nee Audcent), Katherine Anne Hanlon (nee Audcent) with Emma Louise Hanlon in front, and Geoffrey David Audcent with Joseph David Audcent in front.

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