A Group Photograph of the Audcent & their
Pinot de Moira cousins - includes some Peat relations
taken around 1986, at Woodcote Green, High Wycombe, Bucks.

Family Group, Audcent Pinot and Peat families

Present in photograph (size 800x391 pixels) are:

Back row standing from left to right: Jonathan Audcent, Alexa Audcent, Katherine Pinot de Moira, Justin Audcent, Martin Audcent, Geoffrey Audcent, Elizabeth Audcent, Anne Pinot de Moira, Katherine Audcent, Nicola Pinot de Moira, Jane Pinot de Moira, John Pinot de Moira, Jeannine Audcent, David Audcent (behind him is the portrait of Comte Jean Paul Baptiste Henri Pinot de Moira, father of Hippolyte Henri in the first photo, and his sister Sylvie who m. Prosper Audcent).

Front row seated from left to right: Christine Audcent nee Keeling (with Jonathan's spaniel Kim), Mary Pinot de Moira nee Pegler, Peter Pinot de Moira holding Angela his daughter, Edward Peat, Paul Pinot de Moira, Pat Pinot de Moira nee Lynch, Sylvia Audcent nee Peat, Evelyn Peat, Valerie Audcent nee King, Anthony Audcent.

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