The wedding of Martin Richard Audcent and Catherine Moore
5th September 1998
- Salford Cathedral, Manchester

Martin & Catherine = wedding 1998

Present in photograph (size 1280x639 pixels) are:

Standing from left to right - descriptions are in groups for convenience

Mary (nee Pegler) and her husband Peter Pinot de Moira, Mark Voice holding Eloise Voice (mainly obscured), David Hanlon, in front Jeannine Audcent.  

At rear Anthony Audcent holding his grandson, Samuel Hanlon, in front Elizabeth Voice (nee Audcent) holding newly born baby Ben Voice, behind Dympna (nee Corley) wife of Anthony Audcent.

At rear David Hanlon in front his wife Katherine (nee Audcent) holding Jack Hanlon and standing in front Emma Hanlon, behind Katherine - Caroline Audcent, and partially hidden at rear Angela Pinot de Moira.

 In front Bryan Anderson holding Joe Anderson, at rear Katherine Pinot de Moira with on her left Langford Vincent, and in front Alexa Anderson (nee Audcent).

At rear Paul Vincent, in front of him Margaret Vincent (nee Windsor), in front Sylvia Audcent (nee Peat) and standing in front Joseph Audcent with his brother Andrew (holding the hand of David Audcent - see later).  

At the rear Shaun Colvin, and to his left John Pinot de Moira, in front David B Audcent (Bridegrooms father), tucked behind and in between him and the bride - Brenda Colvin  wife of Shaun (nee Greenhill) Catherine Moore (Bride), tucked in at rear David Colvin, Martin R Audcent (Bridegroom).

At rear Katherine Colvin, in front Christine Audcent (nee Keeling - Bridegrooms mother).

At rear Paul Pinot de Moira, in front his wife Pat (nee Lynch), Justin Audcent with his wife Fiona (nee Ross) to his left, and directly behind Fiona - Anne Pinot de Moira (married to James Blake who doesn't appear to be in the picture).

In front Jonathan Audcent with his wife Ita (nee O'Connell holding him, behind Geoffrey Vincent (who was in fact holding Callum Vincent) with his wife Louise Vincent (nee Fry) .

In front Nicola and to her left Jane Pinot de Moira

Missing: Geoffrey Audcent and his wife, Sandra (nee Russell)  & James Blake- who were present at the wedding, and baby Daniel Audcent (who remained at home)