The wedding of David Audcent and Christine Keeling
26th October 1965 - St Alban's, Harrow, Middlesex

David & Christine Audcent wedding 1965
Present in photograph (size 800x399pixels) are:

Standing left to right: Lynne and Jane Brocklebank (Bridesmaids - no relations, daughters of a good friend (Arthur Brocklebank) of Bride's father: Sydney G Keeling), Valerie A Audcent nee King, Anthony E Audcent, David B Audcent (Bridegroom), Christine J Keeling (Bride), Jacques L A Audcent (father of Bridegroom), Paul J Audcent (Best Man), Jeannine L Audcent (Bridesmaid).

Seated left to right: Evelyn A Peat (Aunt of Bridegroom), Sylvia C Audcent nee Peat (mother of Bridegroom), Sylvia Brenan nee Hale (Old friend of Audcent & Pinot de Moira families), Muriel F Peat (Aunt of Bridegroom)