Biography: Jacques ODSAN
First known of line
Jacques was illiterate - no signature

We do not know the parents of Jacques Odsan, his age, where he was born or died. He is known to have married Perrine Jary alias Jarry, before 1706/1707 (the year of birth of his son Andre - who could, however, well have been one of the younger sons). He lived for a while with his wife at Chapelle du Noyer, and possibly at Thiville before moving to Chateaudun before 1728, as is evidenced by the documentation of the marriage of his son Jacques in 1728, note the Certificate required from the cure Tartarin of Chapelle du Noyer, and that of his other son Andre in 1733. He died before that marriage, leaving his wife Perrine a widow. (see the documentation relating to their son Jacques).

She was present at the marriage of their son Jacques on the 6th September 1728 at Chateaudun, but had died before the wedding of their other son Andre on the 9th February 1733, at which time it was noted that a certificate was required from the cure Girard at Thiville as part of the sons evidence. It seems that either he and his mother had been living in that village prior to the marriage or that he had been born there. (see the documentation relating to their son Andre).

Of his marriage he had at least five children Jacques (?-1763), Andre (1706/7-1755), a daughter who married Pierre Rousseau (described as Brother-in-law to both Jacques and Andre at their weddings in 1728 and 1733), and a daughter who married Etienne Provot (described as Brother-in-Law at Louis' wedding in 1744), Louis (his dates unrecorded).