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(includes reference to 1881 British Census)


The following is a cousin descended from the family Hotman (de Villiers St Paul)


AUDCENT Caroline: Home  Email
AUDCENT Justin & Fiona: Home
AUDCENT Michael, Marion  (nee LINCOLN): Home
AUDCENT Paul: Home  Email
AUDCENT Simon: Home  Email
AUDCENT Julie: Home Email 

VAZ Helen (nee VINCENT) & Alfred: Helen's Office, Email

WILLIAMS Julie (nee AUDCENT) College Email


AUDCENT John, Mary (nee PLUNKETT): Email 
AUDCENT Mark: Office Email
WEDDELL Jean, (nee AUDCENT):  Email


ANDERSON Bryan Email and Website and Alexa (nee AUDCENT)  Email  
Have you seen Bryan's website on "Apocalyptic Films" - he always seems to create very popular sites, he also includes pictures of his children

AUDCENT David & Christine: Home Email
AUDCENT Geoffrey: Office Email
AUDCENT Jeannine: Home Email
AUDCENT Jon & Ita: Home Email
AUDCENT Martin: Office Email
AUDCENT Tony & Dympna: Home  Email

COLVIN Shaun, Brenda, David & Catherine: Home Email

The following is a cousin descended from the family Humphrey
HUMPHREY Trevor: Home Email
HUMPHREY Stephen: Home 

PINOT DE MOIRA Anne (married to James BLAKE): Office Email & Home Email
PINOT DE MOIRA Mary (nee PEGLER) & Peter: Home  Email
PINOT DE MOIRA Paul and Pat: Home

VINCENT Geoffrey (& Louise nee FRY): Office Email and Home Louise Email Geoffrey Email
VINCENT Langford & Margaret (nee WINDSOR): Home Email


The following is a cousin descended from the family Ferney

LEMOINE Jean-Pierre: Home Email

The following are cousins also descended from the family St Ouen d'Ernemont

MONTON Jean Pierre (married to Monique BARTE): Home  Email
QUEINNEC Herve (married to Amelie HANRIAT): Home  Email
CAILLET Geoffroy: Work Email


The following are cousins descended from the family Hotman (de Villiers St Paul) see also Africa above
HOTMAN DE VILLIERS ST PAUL Francois (married to Benedicte WIEHE): Home  Email    

This Section has been designed to permit distant cousins the opportunity to contact one another


JOHNSON 'William' Shakespear - descent from Hotman and d'Aillebout families : Home Email
LEVINSON (nee BOUCHER) 'Isabelle' Marie - descent from Boucher and Denys de la Ronde families : Home Email
McVEY 'Mark' J - descent from Vecchini /Vessiny Family (linked with family Maury de Lapeyrouse): Email

OTHER CONTACTS who are linked by liaison


BLANC Alec - de Verteuil family and links with his own of Blanc: Email : Website:

SEHEULT Mark A - Seheult Family - Holds a large database and details of this family (linked with family Maury de Lapeyouse): Email Website (Private, ask permission)

Do be wary of Internet Sites, many Genealogies are suspect, and should confirm their sources.
added 14/11/98 - This a very useful site for French Genealogy, and includes access to the Minitel telephone network.   Still haven't found 'Audecent' or 'Audcent', in the directories.  'Auxant' there is?
Filez - apparently this is the largest software search engine on the World Wide Web.  At the present time I haven't tried it - tell me if you do!


An index of some of the thousands of genealogy related Web Pages, of which this site is a member.
Click on logo.

Now (June1999) apparently available on 25 No. CD Roms (30 million+ names) at a cost only of £29.75 (including postage and packing) from the LDS Distribution Centre, 399 Garretts Green Lane, Sheldon, West Midlands, B33 0AU (Tel. 0121 784 9555).  International orders can also be placed online at    If you can't afford the lot, you can order just a region or regions!  See next item.
Record Search provided as a service by the Church of the Latter Day Saints .  I found two persons who I know to be relations, but one wouldn't have known if I hadn't already researched the subject.  But a welcome beginning from probably the holders of the greatest reservoir of Genealogical information held at the present time.  I really could wish that the Church could provide more informative data as to a person's connections - particularly as some of my own family data has been lodged there for general information and the name cannot even be found.  You can also order CD Roms of basic data - again limited in scope - e.g. Vital Records Index of the British Isles, (this 5 CD set, didn't contain either of the two people mentioned above that I found when searching whilst on their Web site). 
updated June 1998 - Whilst much of John Wittenbergs original site covered his own family Wittenberg, he also maintained a list of AOL Members who have produced family Genealogies located on the America-on-Line Server (including our own family "Audcent" web pages), together with a list of other useful Genealogical links. The latest Genealogical pages held very useful web page information as to French & Canadian ancestors under an alphabetical index.  In June 1998 the information was taken over by Arleta Howe, and the new email address is as indicated. - the family page - list of Genealogical Sites
- the section relating to France
Cyndi Howells has created and maintained a considerable Genealogical Resource.  The first address given is their own family page, the second, is a general page on sites, the list of links included amounts to over 19,200 connections (at May 1997) and accordingly can save everyone considerable time doing their own searches.   The next page relates to the specific page indexing their extensive French Genealogy Resources.  (see also later)
Email address, for an extensive and regularly updated library of Genealogical Data.  Just send blank form to the Email address as shown, but note that the file is very large and may exceed the size permitted by your Service Provider.
This web site provides information on resources for family history held in British and Irish public libraries, including births, deaths and marriages, census returns, directories, electoral registers and polls books, IGI Index, unpublished indexes, parish registers, periodicals (not newspapers) and published transcrips of archival material.
New Search Information for genealogy.  I found it will find a range of web pages including surnames, one name studies, ship passenger list, genealogical societies and associations, researchers, software, books, family mailing lists, online records of churches, census data, and cemeteries and more.  You can also add details of your own web page.  Look at "Common Threads" to search a surname database, where you may find other Genealogists with related surname interests.
Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française, home page - for those interested in French Canadian research - this will get you the English language pages.

WorldGenWeb - Main Screen - could prove interesting in the long term if sufficient support.

A central web site apparently dedicated to providing free information to Net users.  The site links encyclopaedias and reference materials all across the internet.
The British Library is making its major catalogues available on the Internet. British Library OPAC 97 includes over 8.5 million records dating from 1450 to the present.


(perhaps linking to other family ones)

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THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED - (advice for home web page beginners)
Cyndi Howell again, this is her comprehensive advice page, with many links to additional information, on creating your own web pages.


a Jacques Barsalou m. Charlotte Angelique D'AILLEBOUT (1698-1755) - see D'aillebout Genealogy
Terry has an extensive database of the family Barsalou, but not dates, so it is unclear just how close he is to achieving a connection.

Confirmed cousins of the Audcent/Pinot family, this site shows how modern Genealogists can work together to pay for, document and prove by determined, joint effort the descent of in this case: Catherine Baillon (from whom many American and Canadians descend) from Charlemagne.

French Nobility -
Do examine this site with over 19,000 persons, primarily of French nobility and the proprietary system provided of using your normal browser 'offline' as a means of navigating any family tree.   It can be read in a number of languages, this reference is to 'English'.