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GENEALOGY of the family FERNEY

The Ferney family appear to originate from the small hamlet known as 'Valle' or 'Le Val' now shortened to 'LEVAL', situated near the town of Rougemont (renamed Rogemont-le-Chateau in 1893).  Remarkably, it seems, the family members remained in that locality for some considerable time, and the surname is only found infrequently, if at all in adjoining Parish registers.  This siutation prevails until obviously the country folk begin to move  away after about 1792 to the larger towns. Following the Franco/Prussian War in 1871 when that country was annexed by Germany, many members of the family emigrated or moved to other safer areas in France.  Our own family opted to retain their French nationality and, like many others, were forced to leave their home which was now within the German empire. Sadly for their parents, who remained in the Territoire de Belfort, a number of the children of Jean Pierre Ferney & his wife Marie Anne MEYER had moved to Paris and its environs by the 1880s.  On the faire part of the death of GGrandfather Joseph Sebastien Ferney in 1926 the following families are indicated as related: FERNEY, RICHARD, LORENTZ, METZ, ANDRIEUX, BARRAND, SAVARIN, GNAEGI, MOUTET, FEL, SABBE, BROWN, FOUQUET, MEYER, HORNUNG, HIRLEMANN, BASTIAN, WINTER, FRICKERT, we have not yet been able to trace our relationship to quite a number of those families.

David B Audcent


Georges FERNEY (alias FERRENEZ, FERNE, FERNEZ) b c1684 probably Leval, bur 1739 (aged 55) Rougemont, a resident of Leval, m. Jeanne MARCHAL (alias MARECHAL, MARESCHAL), bap ?, d. 1763 (aged around 80) Leval), of this marriage issued:-


Information regarding Line of Jean Pierre b 1796 Leval has been supplied to me by Marian whose family come from Ferney-Voltaire, France, she will be interested to hear from any relations, thanks to Bernard for linking Jean Francois bap 1716 to his parents.

1. Francois FERNEY b. 1674 Leval d. 14/1/1726 m. Jeanne GIRARDEY and had issue:-
looking at dates, this might be the same Francois as 4. with a 2nd marriage, worth checking

2. Jacques FERNEY m. Elisabeth PETITJEAN and had issue:-

3. Joseph FERNEY m. Margaret BOUILLON and had issue:-

4. Francois FERNEY m Jeanne FOUET alias FOUET and had issue
see item 5.:-

5. Antoinette FERNE d. before 1744 m. Jean Claude GROSJEAN d. before 1744 and had issue of a daughter:-

6. Taken from web site:

(A) Jean 'Jacques' FERNEY d. before 1742 m. 1713 Phaffans Henriette MONNIER she d. after 1742 of their marriage issue (no names of parents given at marriage entry):-

(B) Jeanne Marie FERNE m. Jean MATHIAS and had issue:-

7. Taken from web site:

(B) Joseph FERNEY b. c1836 m. Marie Madeleine PINGENOT b. c1836 d. 14/5/1869 Leval, of which marriage the following issue:-

(C) Joseph FERNEY d. 21/2/1866 Leval, m. Celestine GUERRIN d. 6/2/1867 Leval of which marriage known issue:-

(D) Jacques FERNEY d. 15/4/1818 Leval, m. Marie VERRIER d. after 1829 and of their marriage the following issue:-

(E) Jean Pierre FERNEY d. Rougemont le Chateau m. Marie Anne CHRETIEN d. Rougemont le Chateau and of this marriage issue of one known son:-

8.  Taken from Web site: and registers at Rougemont

Francois FERNEY called the younger m. Jeanne Marie PLUME alias PLUMEY and had issue:-

9. One marriage in the HEIDET FAMILY

(A) Joseph FERNEY called the younger m. Marie Catherine HEIDET had issue:-

10.  Joseph FERNEY m. Jeanne Marie TACQUARD alias JACQUARD and had issue:-

11. Jean Claude FERNEY m. Marie Francoise SELLIER and had issue:-

12. Jean FERNE m. Marguerite GRIESSEMAN d. 1753 aged 51 (b c1702) Lariviere, and had known issue of the two children who follow. I suspect that on the death of his wife he married for a 2nd time a year later in 1754 Lariviere, Elisabeth BOME (none of their parents were quoted (it is likely that this is the Jean FERNEY who died in 1782 Lariviere aged 83 (b c 1699) whose wife is called Elisabeth BAUME who also died in 1782 Lariviere aged 70, b c1712) . 

13. Henri FERNET m. Marguerite FLEURI and had following issue:-

14  Jacob FERNEY m. Unknown and had issue

15  Jean FERNEY m. Catherine LOUIS and had issue:-

16. Barbe FERNEY d. 9/4/1727 Phaffans aged 52 b c1675 m. Jean Claude BOUILLON of this marriage they had issue:-

17. Website:
Joseph FERNEY m. 13/4/1909 Essert Mathilde Rose Maria PISSENEM b. 9/6/1865 Plancher des Mines, Haute Saone, d. 2/2/1945 (dtr of Jean Baptiste b. 6/7/1832 Plancher des Mines, d. 29/7/1887 same place m. 20/6/1865 Plancher des Mines Angelique Rosine SAUVAGE ).

18. Website:
(A) Antoine FERNEY b. c1687, d 26/5/1767 St Remy de Provence, Bouches du Rhone, m. Marguerite BERNARD b. c1696, d. 11/6/1761 St Remy de Provence. and had issue:-

19.  A Catherine FERNEY unmarried had issue from Jean Baptiste JOBIN and had issue of:-

20 A Jeanne-Eve FERNEY (I wonder if this is a 2nd marriage) m. Nicolas GIRARD before 1782 and of the marriage had issue:-

FAMILY LORENTZ - Are there any descendants remaining in France or Germany ?  Do get in touch.

The family Lorentz, of whom we know little originate from the Schiltigheim area, Bas Rhin, Alsace, and commences at the present time with Joseph m. Barbe ROTH.

Joseph LORENTZ (1st of name) Gardener b. 1801 m. at Wolsheim, Bas Rhin, Alsace, Barbe ROTH b. 1806 and had issue of the following son:-

Henriette JUNG alias YUNG

FAMILY MEYER and liaisons - Are there any descendants remaining in France or Germany ?  Do get in touch.

Jacob MEYER Resident of Didenheim (Haut-Rhin) d. 20/4/1793 m. Anna-Maria STIMPFLING and had issue of:

FAMILY FRANVILLE and liaisons - Are there any descendants remaining in France or Germany ?  Do get in touch.

Michel FRANVILLE living in 1768 Soultzbach (Soultzbach-les-bains, Haut-Rhin) holding the office of Controleur des Fermes du  Roy m. Catherine DESOT and had issue:-

FAMILY MILLION and liaisons - Are there any descendants remaining in France or Germany ?  Do get in touch.

Pierron MILLION b. around the 1620's Labaroche area m. Odile GIRARD (alias GERARD) b. ? d. after 1658, [the dtr of Noel resident of Lapoutroie, Haut-Rhin and his wife Odile UNKNOWN d. 11/3/1660] they had issue of:-