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Families: Audcent & Pinot de Moira
- Unconnected Members of the family LE GARDEUR
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A considerable number of my enquirers also descend from our forebears Le Gardeur, whilst I do not have a comprehensive Genealogy of this family, it seems sensible to place on the Internet what I do have.  I hope it proves of help to others and look forward to the expected additions, corrections which will require to be made.  Most of the information comes from public sources, other family descendants and helpful enthusiasts.  Many thanks to everyone for their efforts.  My special thanks to 'Jacques' for whole sections the result of his efforts, largely relating to St. Domingue (Haiti) and which he will be delighted to know has been helpful to the Le Gardeur family site prepared by Leo-Guy de Repentigny.

My database naturally holds more information on the persons indicated.  Also as a Policy, I have limited the descendants of the female members of the family Le Gardeur to their children and liaisons - while the actual database continues the lines further where possible.  

The numbers entered prior to names are those of my database to assist me in my documentation - this is the first time I have used it on these web-pages.

Readers of this page, may be interested to see the far greater work done by Leo-Guy
de Repentigny for the Association of families LEGARDEUR, of France, Quebec, and Louisiana

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http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~saintdomingue/- The St Domingue Page by Augusta Elmwood

GENEALOGY of the family

de Beauvais, de Courtemanche, de Croisille, de Moncarville, de Montesson, de Repentigny, de Tilly, de St Pierre, de la Vallee

The family LE GARDEUR, of Normandie, France - descend from Jean LE GARDEUR de Croisille, one of the lesser noble families of Normandie, who are thought to originate from Thury-Harcourt, Haute Normandie. Jean was raised to the peerage in 1510.   Note there were a considerable number of intermarriages between this family and their cousins Leneuf and Denys.  I thank Leo-Guy see below for his references to my own information which has I hope been helpful to him in the construction of his own site.  I strongly recommend readers to view his site, a more extensive and well documented Genealogy of the family.  It is so good that I would not dream of incorporating his own extensive information into this web-page, but will continue to add to my site, such information as others may wish to make available for public interest.  

David B Audcent



(of Normandy & Canada)

De gueules, a un lion d'argent lamp d'or tenant dans ses pattes une croix patriarchale du mesme

Arms of the branch:
'de Repentigny' shown below

family Le Gardeur
1358 Jean LE GARDEUR DE CROISILLE, son of Robert Le Gardeur, one of the lesser nobility of Normandy, originating from Thury-Harcourt, Haute Normandie m. 1509 Jeanne Le Tavernier dtr of Pierre, sieur du Jardin, he was raised to the peerage the following year 1510 (Arms as indicated above), had known issue of two sons who follow:-

where possible these persons are inserted in the main text closest to their possible ascendance
if this is the case only the name and marriage partner/s are shown - to see entry click on name

1.  NOT APPARENTLY OUR FAMILY 'LE GARDEUR' coming from Burgundy !
     3983 Nicolas LE GARDEUR m. Etiennette SIMONOT both had d. before 1664

      4055 Charles LE GARDEUR called QUINZE ROQUILLES, b. Panis, Labourer, m. 28/1/1711 Lachine, Suzanne BLONDEAU

3. THIS TABLE HAS BEEN MODIFIED 29th March 2005 in the light of information from our Canadian cousins:- see following research: (a) "The family secrets of the Le Neuf origins In France", Lost in Canada? 17:2 (Spring 1993): 58-71 by John P DuLong, (b) "Les Le Neuf: etat des connaissances", Memoires de la Societe genealogique canadienne-francaise 51:3 (Autumn 2000) 209-227, by Rene Jette, Roland-Yves Gagne, John Patrick DuLong and Paul Leportier, (c) Important update on the Le Neuf family:- "Du neuf sur les Le Neuf", Memoires de la Societe genealogique canadienne-francaise 53:2 (Summer 2002): 143-144 By Rene Jette and (d) the following "The Le Neuf Family: Stateof Knowledge", Michigan's Habitant Heritage in 3 parts - Part 1, 23:4 (October 202): 149-159; Part II, 24:1 (January 2003): 1-9 and Part III, 24:2 (April 2003): 49-55.  
Webpage: http://habitant.org/leneuf/

 8648 Marguerite LE GARDEUR At present time her parentage is unknown, d. after 28/11/1599 m. source uncorroborated 1566, St. Sauveur de Thury, Thury-Harcourt, Caën, Normandie, Jean LENEUF, Bourgeois St Sauveur de Thury, Calvados, France d. bef 28/11/1599.  Our Canadian cousins, and I,  would dearly love to find the link between Marguerite and the Le Gardeur branch who emigrated to Canada. They had known issue of just two children. It is understood that following her death Jean remarried Suzanne Blanchard and is thought to have had a son 'Jean' listed below, however this would contradict his 1st wife having died after him - confusion :-

4. 11829 Charles LEGARDEUR DE L'ISLE, ecuyer, officer in the local marine, m. Anne Catherine LE CLERC (native St Pierre des Terriers Rouge , St Domingue) , who was widowed by 1759 (a pensioner with the Ursulines) and known to have had issue of two children:-


A In the "notes généalogiques" of colonel Etienne Arnaud, cahier n° 56, September 1996, page 95 of the "centre de généalogie et d'histoire des isles d'Amérique" for the family "de Larre" : - "dame Elisabeth Catherine Chauvin de La Frenière, épouse de messire Charles Le Gardeur de Lisle, capitaine au régiment du Cap [Français, Saint Domingue]," is godmother of Louis Robert Coustant Gatien de Larre, o : 28/09/1774, bap. 24/02/1777 Le Cap Français, son of Gatien de Larre, officier au régiment du Cap, et de Louise Augustine de La Bruyère. This new Charles is perhaps a descendant of Charles Le Gardeur de L'Isle, o and bap. : 24/08/1659 Québec, x : ca 1696, Geneviève Margane de La Valtrie.
In connection with the foregoing my correspondant Kent  has added the following comments:
I'm writing to you now because I was surfing "Le Maitre La Morille" and it led me to the Le Gardeur site linked to your's. This concerns the Unconnected 'Le Gardeur de L'Isle / de Lisle' listed in the unconnected section. His wife is stated to be Elizabeth Catherine Chauvin de La Freniere; she's from my mother's family from the same family group related to the LeMoine de Longueil, the Payen de Chavoy de Noyan and the Volant families also listed in the de Repentigny/ Le Neuf / Juchereau marriages.  In fact, right off the bat I can tell you that a Catherine Chauvin de La Freniere became the widow of Jean Baptiste Payen de Noyan, nephew of Jean Baptiste LeMoine de Bienville. (de la Chenaye-Desbois lists her as only "Catherine de la Freniere" in dictionnaire de la Noblesse.  From the date of their marriage noted in the website, it appears that they were married after the Chauvin de La Freniere family most tragically fell out of favor with the Spanish authorities, so it could be Payen de Noyan's widow...or not- could be one of her first cousins. (I forget what happened to Catherine after her husband's execution.) - still, the info to connect the de Repentigny to the de Lisle may be in New Orleans records. Any Elizabeth Catherine Chauvin de La Freniere married to a LeGardeur de Lisle at that time and place would be the niece of the Chauvin de Lery who is an associate of Juchereau de St Denis in Nachitoches (himself the nephew of the Le Gardeur who has for a wife the Juchereau de St Maure). see also item 6

B. Antoine LE GARDEUR DE TILLY m. New Orleans, 1828 Solidelle NEURISSE (see this link for possible connection !)

C.  Michel Gustave LE GARDEUR DE TILLY m. New Orleans 1850-70, Adelaide PITOT DE LA BEAUJARDIERE

6. Pierre LEGARDEUR DE REPENTIGNY m. 30/1/1753 Montreal, Catherine PAYEN DE NOYAN dtr of Pierre Jacques and his wife Louise Catherine d'Aillebout de Menthet, dtr of Nicholas and his wife Francoise DENYS (DE LA RONDE), dtr of Pierre Denys de la Ronde and Catherine Le Neuf de la Poterie

7. Armand LEGARDEUR DE TILLY de Rochefort,  b. 1733, d. before 1812 Comte, rear-admiral 15/5/1791, Vice-Admiral 28/7/1992,  mentioned in connection with the American War of Independance.  Dans www.bnf.gallica.fr : Recherche " Le Gardeur de Tilly".   Leo Guy de Repentigny confirms (Internet 2/4/2000) his existence on the internet, advising that his GGgrandfather was Charles Le Gardeur de Tilly and that on 9/2/1779 Armand sailed from Newport in the L'Eveille with other ships, to fight Arnold, the battle being held on the 18th and 19th when they captured a number of ships and men.  He returned home to Newport on the 3/3/1779 a hero. <http://web.genealogie.free.fr/Les_militaires/1789-1815/Marine/Vice-Amiral.htm>

8 Alfred DE REPENTIGNY m. Lorette ROYER and had issue of a known dtr.

9.  Unknown DEREPENTIGNY <http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=surnames.de-20-repentigny&m=17.1>

10.  Anne Marguerite LE GARDEUR DE TILLY (parentage at the moment unknown) m. Charles DE MALLEVAULT son of Louis and Marie Colombe MAUVIERE (alias MANIERE) [(dtr of Unknown Mauviere (alias Moniere) called St Etienne and his wife Marie Deloeuvre (alias de Louvre) her 2nd marriage].  Charles had a sister Marie Colombe DE MALLEVAULT m. Gabriel DE CLIEU

11  Jacques-François LEGARDEUR DE COURTEMANCHE in charge of Fort Presqu'île (Erie, Pennsylvania) sometime around 1750-56 which contained about 100 soldiers, he was apparently replaced by Alexandre Dagneaux Sieur de Douville who himself retired in 1756, this said Alexandre was supposed to have m. for a second time Marie LEGARDEUR DE COURTEMANCHE,  but an article <http://www.rootsweb.com/~wioconto/dagneau.htm> states that he actually never married her and his 5 children were born of his first marriage to Marie COULON DE VILLIERS.