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All additions or corrections gratefully received - if you know of the line 'Pinot de Bourbon-Lancy', do contact us, also my thanks to cousin Muriel for her additions line 'de Laulerie'.

the details are as at date:  July 2015

GENEALOGY of the family "PINOT" de Faure, de Montchal, de Moira, de Laulerie

26.739. - (VELAY. - Maintenu noble en 1722 sur preuves remontées a 1582. - sgr du Faure, Montchal). - D’az. au chevron
d’or, accomp. de 3 pommes de pin du mesme. - (Pièces Originales 2286. - Armorial Général Languedoc).

The members of the "Pinot de Moira" branch of this family have been linked with those of the "Audcent" family for over 160 years, the bonds were formed when the two families were allied by marriage in 1835, and then descendants emigrated together to England probably in 1865, following the convictions of self-styled Comte de Rochepaule, Hippolyte Henri Pinot de Moira, Banker and Speculator, sentenced to 2 years imprisonment Paris 1861, and 3 years imprisonment at Liege, Belgium in 1864, see /audcent/document.htm where detailed biographies are available.

Seigneurs and Marquis de Rochepaule, de Rochemaure, de la Chau, de Montchal, de Faur, de Moira, de Chaminade, de Masgre, de Laulerie.  The family originate from Languedoc in the districts of Vivarais and Velay, and in Angoumois.  The archives of the family were conserved in their castle at Rochepaule, and destroyed and dispersed during the troubles and civil wars of the 16th century, of which for a long time the Languedoc was the centre.  At that time both the castle and the other principal houses were pillaged and burnt.  The family were of ancient aristocracy, as is borne out by the position held by Jean Pinot, Chevalier of Jerusalem, for to join the order of St John, it was necessary to be descended by authenticated titles of 8 quarterings of their arms, both paternal and maternal.  Languedoc in medieval times was a centre of civilised living.  A genealogy of the family, on which the early documentation which follows is based, was prepared by my GGGrandfather, Hippolyte 'Henri' Pinot de Moira, duly legalised and registered at Paris on the 2nd July 1846. This same Henri married into one of the oldest families in France, that of "St Ouen d'Ernemont" known originally as "St Ouen sous Bailly" from Normandy, who could trace their ancestory to the 8th century, although the Genealogy I have ends at 1350. It is my intention to place my known information on this family into these web pages, but with such an extensive history and a considerable number of known descendants, this will take time. All the English Audcents and their cousins Pinot de Moira, by this marriage, thus descend from this ancient family!

NB Various doubts have arisen as to the authenticity of the Genealogy as prepared, legalised and registered at Paris in 1846.  Both myself and my nephew Geoffrey had concerns and doubts.  Following a visit this year (2007) to France, specifically to examine the evidence, Geoffrey has concluded that the lawyers and genealogists concerned with the preparation and authentication of the original document have, whether by accident or design, joined various unconnected families together.  The forebears of Jean Pinot who m. de Gauvry are spurious and have no direct relation to him, the relationship of Jean to his brothers and sisters will require to be checked, the remaining descent appears accurate but has missed out important & relevant information.  Further there is no evidence that Jean Pinot was of noble parentage or held any titles or arms.  We will continue to investigate and confirm these findings - this page will be updated accordingly as new evidence comes to light!  In the meantime, a PDF of present findings can be downloaded from the download web-page.

David B Audcent


Unknown PINOT of whom nothing is known (b. around 1500) had the following known issue:-

LINE - PINOT de Moirat
Geoffrey David Audcent has now ascertained that the correct parental line is as follows:-

Pierre PINOT Receveur de la terre et de Confolens d. before 1670 m. c.1630 Catherine BABAUD probably the dtr of Pierre Sieur de l'Herbaudie, procureur fiscal of the Comte de Confolens 1607 and his wife Catherine Marie DE LA SUDERIE and had issue: