A small collection of historic photographs, from the collection of some several hundred that I possess.  Most of these have been passed to me by the older generations and consist mainly of the following families:- Audcent, Ferney, Humphrey, Peat, Pinot de Moira, and St Ouen.

At the moment I just include the following group photographs,
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Golden Wedding of Hippolyte Henri Pinot de Moira  (Comte de Rochepaule) and his wife Aimee Helene (eldest daughter of Vicomte Yves Jacques Jules de St Ouen d'Ernemont) surrounded by their children and grandchildren, taken on the 27th July 1896, at their home at "Corazon", 3 Clifton Wood Road, Clifton, Bristol.   Original Gold toned (jpg 49kb)


For our new found Brazilian cousins (discovered only the week ending 3rd April 1998, I am including a family group photograph of Paul Pinot de Moira and his wife Guilhermine Von der Osten. (jpg 30kb)


Wedding of David Bernard Audcent to Christine Jean Keeling on the 26th October 1965, at St Alban's Church, Harrow, Middlesex.  (jpg 50kb)


Colour group photograph of a get together of some of the Audcent & Pinot de Moira cousins, taken at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, sometime around 1986. (gif 279kb)


Special Colour group photograph taken to commemorate the visit to England of Paul Audcent, his wife Christine Reid and their children Simon & Julie, taken on 12th September 1981 - shows Audcent, Peat and Newton families. (jpg 52Kb)


'Anderson family' Group photograph - The wedding of Alexa Audcent and Bryan Anderson, held on the 25th June 1994, St Augustine's, High Wycombe, prepared by Bryan Anderson. (jpg - 47Kb)


Group photograph at the Wedding of Martin Richard Audcent son of David B Audcent and Christine J Keeling to Katherine Anne Moore daughter of Paul Moore and Christine Brady,  held at Salford Cathedral, 5th September 1998 (1280 x 548 Pixels) - Colour photo reproduced in Black and White to ensure greatest clarity with large group.


Group photograph of the Family de Coquereaumont and relations, we have no further information, taken about 1908

Family de Coquereaumont

9 2nd Group photograph of the family 'de Coquereaumont', we have no further information, but it appears to have been taken at the Chateau de la Grande Heuze, Bellencombre, around 1916